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Where Will You Travel?

By January 18, 2021 No Comments

Rather than an article about interest rates (they’ve risen a bit), the stock market (up overall with small caps outperforming large caps), or taxes (we’ll examine that outlook next month), I thought I’d write a bit about travel. Recently, several clients have remarked to me that they miss travel. Perhaps even more interestingly, they all mentioned that they think they’ll appreciate travel now more than ever because they will feel even more fortunate after having gone through a period when travel was severely curtailed.

Many are looking forward to cruises, but admit that we may be looking at another 12 months before the cruise lines begin again. I like cruises, but I feel the same- it won’t be until at least 2022, perhaps 2023, that I feel comfortable cruising again, even if the ships are running. Here are two places I’ll be headed when countries and flights open up again.

Saas Fee tops the list

Saas Fee Switzerland: I’ve been going to Saas Fee once or twice a year for at least the last 10 years. Saas Fee is a small town at 6000 feet in the southern Swiss Alps. It is 3 hours from Zurich and about 90 minutes from Milan. Saas Fee is one of a handful of car-free towns in Switzerland, meaning you park on the periphery and walk or take a small electric vehicle to your hotel. It is quaint, family oriented, has excellent Alpine food and lifestyle, and has great skiing/snowboarding in the winter along with magnificent walking and hiking and climbing in the summer. Internet is strong and it is a great location for working remotely. Dole is the wine of the region and it is similar to a Rhone- light, easy, perfect for picnics and lighter fare.

Anyone who skis Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, or Montana should take a look at skiing the Swiss Alps. Airfare to Zurich is similar in price to airfare out west, but the lift tickets in Switzerland are perhaps $50/day and the hotels range from $150/day for the middle end to $600/day for a five star hotel. There is even a nice Hostel for those who prefer that. My guess is that you’d spend less on a ski vacation in Switzerland than you would at Aspen or Jackson Hole. German is spoken in this part of Switzerland, but French, Spanish, Italian, English, and Russian are commonly heard in town.

Plans to visit Puglia, Italy

Puglia Italy: I’ve never been here, but it is on my short list. It is in far southern Italy, in the “heel of the boot” when you picture a map of Italy. It is on the coast, directly across the water from Albania and Montenegro. There are several Unesco World Heritage sites in the region, and the weather is warm and Mediterranean. I’ve found that the farther south I go in Italy, the more uncommon English is, so that could be a small stumbling block. But, if you have some Italian, or even Spanish, my guess is that the vacation would be worth it.

Where are you planning on going when countries open up again? The US? Europe? Asia? We’d love to hear your travel plans and we’ll follow up in our February newsletter with some of your favorites.

And, if any of our readers have been to Puglia, I’d welcome your recommendations!

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