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Aggregating accounts inside Schwab

By July 11, 2020 No Comments

Schwab recently added an account aggregation feature that allows you to view non-Schwab accounts from your Schwab dashboard.  For example, when I login to my Schwab account I see all of my Schwab accounts plus other assets held at non-Schwab institutions. In addition, I’ve also linked my mortgage and credit cards so I can see liabilities too. All in all, this is a really nice feature that gives a full financial snapshot from inside of my Schwab account.

How to get Schwab aggregation

To take advantage of this new feature, follow these instructions (account numbers and values redacted):


We do not see any accounts you link to Schwab that are not under our management. So if you link your savings account, we won’t see that it’s there or be able to see how much money is in it. The same goes for any outside investment accounts you may have. If you do not see this feature available, please let us know.

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